Types of Mobile Applications

Native Mobile Apps
These are usually downloaded or purchased from an App Store and installed on your mobile phone. If you want these to work on multiple phone types (Android, iPhone, Windows, etc.), then an App will need to be programmed for each one.
Universal Mobile Apps
These are also downloaded or purchased from an App Store and installed on your mobile phone. While they have less features and functionality than a Native Mobile App, any application created using this technology will work on any major phone type (Android, iPhone, Windows), so there is only one app to build and maintain which can be effective and lower your cost.
Mobile Website
These are websites that have been formatted for mobile phones. They behave very similar to a Mobile App, however, they have the least functionality and abilities. They, also, cannot be installed through an App Store on a mobile phone and will instead have to be "bookmarked". The benefit is that they are cost effective and faster to produce, work on any mobile device, and require the least amount of maintenance and construction time.

Based on the function of your Mobile App, we will be able to tell you which path is best.

Platforms We Suggest

We aren't locked to any one platform. We believe that different platforms have their benefits and their drawbacks. When considering which platform should be used, the relative strengths and weaknesses should be considered.

For Native Mobile Apps, we use industry standard Xcode (iOS), Java (Android), and C# (Windows).
For Universal Mobile Apps, we use the popular Adobe PhoneGap platform. The platform allows you to create a single application in their system and then export it to work in the different device types (iOS, Android, Windows).
For Mobile Websites, we custom code these using a combination of industry standard web technologies.

For Hosting:

Faster, more dependable and extensible hosting.

For Security:

We protect our websites using 2048 bit SSL certificates.

For Development

We only use industry standard programming languages and databases so that our code is as flexible and adaptable as possible.


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