We build and maintain software that companies count on

Consulting Services
We can help translate complex business problems into software solutions. Whether you have a new product that needs development, existing software that needs upgrading, or are simply unsure of the path forward. Our consultants are here to help.
Operational Software
We can develop new operational software to help you run and optimize your business. If you have existing software that needs upgrades or maintenance, we can help with that too.
Business Intelligence
Understanding your business is often the key to your path forward. We can deploy existing software, or build custom solutions to help you analyze, study, and optimize your business.
Web and Mobile Apps
Our specialty is web and mobile applications. More and more software of today is executed in this way, because it's more cost effective for development and can quickly be written and deployed.
ERP/CRM Integration
We have experience with many different ERP and CRM platforms. These days, most software needs to interact with other applications and databases. We've done it all, so we're familiar with what works and what doesn't.
Bar-codes and RFID
Working with many organizations, we have used these technologies to increase efficiency, accountability, speed, and improve tracking to allow the companies to grow. Ask one of our consultants how this technology can help you.
Databases and SQL
We know databases backwards and forwards, whether you are using MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Aurora, etc., we can help you maintain and expand your database for your needs.

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Technologies We Use

We don't just give you a working, e-commerce website; we ensure it is working for you. Where it's hosted, how it's secured, how it's maintained, and the third-party services used to keep it humming, are of the utmost importance. We've been around the block, so we've had the pleasure to work with all sorts of technologies and know what works best for all different types of scenarios.

For Hosting:

More expensive, but faster, more dependable, more extensible hosting.

For Security:

We protect our websites using 2048 bit SSL certificates.

For Credit Card Processing:

We always recommend Authorize.net for CC transactions. Supports more, and always works.

For Shipping:

For Prototyping Hardware:

For E-Commerce:

For Development

We only use industry standard programming languages and databases, so that our code is as flexible andadaptable as possible.

Visual C#
Visual Basic
Visual C++

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