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StickaTIP is a mobile payment platform for cashless payments and tips

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StickaTIP is a mobile payment platform designed to provide the best solution for cashless payments and tips to registered service providers. As a new startup StickaTIP approached Applied Imagination to take their idea and turn it into a mobile application. Our team worked with StickaTIP on the UX/UI design, mobile application development, STRIPE payment integration, and the launch of the application.

STRIPE Integration

StickaTip is powered by STRIPE® - an industry leader in payment processing, providing PCI compliance for all data and transactions processed through the StickaTip platform. Applied Imagination’s team worked on the integration with the mobile app to ensure the highest level of encryption and security.

Send Money with only 5 Letters

Applied Imagination’s team worked with StickaTIP to create a mobile application that allows for the simplest form of cashless tipping available. The carefully thought out UX/UI design allows customers to make tips quickly and with minimal effort.

From Idea to App Store Launch

The Applied Imagination team was involved with StickaTIP’s team at every step in the process. We helped take their idea and turn it into an elegant mobile application UI. Following the design phase our engineers worked to develop the mobile application and integrate it into various backend systems. Finally, our team helped navigate the often-difficult process of getting the application launched in Apple and Android app stores.

Applied Imagination did an outstanding job when our company needed help. They guided us through every step in the process, and advised us on solutions to help better prepare for the future of our company. Not only did they build a fantastic product, Applied Imagination walked us through how to manage and maintain it to help us stay in control of what matters most.
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