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Delivering an iconic brand to a new audience


TOTO enhances everyday experiences through beautiful and modern bathroom technology. Their products seek to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness, environmental, and aesthetic standards. This iconic brand, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia, is growing their North American footprint. We collaborated with TOTO to create a microsite that would showcase their brand and introduce their products to a new audience.

Bridging the Gap

TOTO knows how to start trends. Since the introduction of their revolutionary bathroom technology, they’ve become one of the leading brands in Asia and Europe. Their brand is synonymous with luxury, precision, and advanced technology. Since the brand crossed the seas to North America, they have grown a steady and strong following that they wanted to grow even further. TOTO asked our team to create a microsite to introduce their product line to a new North American audience.

Before even approaching the website design, our team researched TOTO’s success in other countries, cultural differences, and the motivations of their target audience. We worked closely with TOTO’s marketing team to ensure their brand and product direction remained consistent with their efforts worldwide.

Data Visualization

The goal was to immerse and engage users through the technology and the brand. At the same time, we needed to convey a multitude of information without overwhelming visitors. To achieve both of these goals, we used custom imagery and video to create a truly interactive experience. This concept was even extended to the logo. The end product allows each customer to choose their own journey based on where they are in the buying process.

The Process

The TOTO team gave us tremendous creative freedom in the design and user experience for this project. Keeping with their brand culture, it was important to them that we integrated newer web technology to create a unique experience.

Clean Code

The biggest programming challenge with this site was to account for the various animations across the different pages and the variety in layout designs. The frontend complexity was increased by having to make it responsive on one code base while maintaining cross-browser functionality. Each page is in itself a small application with various pieces of functionality added in. We tackled these issues by making our code page-specific in many aspects while keeping a general layout for the header and menu across the site.

Applied Imagination did an outstanding job when our company needed help. They guided us through every step in the process, and advised us on solutions to help better prepare for the future of our company. Not only did they build a fantastic product, Applied Imagination walked us through how to manage and maintain it to help us stay in control of what matters most.
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