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A digital collaborative solution for a modern furniture studio

Twig & Timber

Twig & Timber is a luxury furniture studio selling one-of-a-kind furniture and decorative accessories made from reclaimed materials. Their focus is on sustainable, locally sourced, hand-made vintage products made in Atlanta. After a year fine-tuning the business model, Twig & Timber was ready for a digital overhaul. We worked from the ground up recreating their brand identity alongside a new responsive web design and comprehensive management application.

Building a luxury brand identity

Focusing on the ethos of quality, sustainability, and collaboration, Applied Imagination designed Twig & Timber's brand identity and logo. We wanted to incorporate the ideal of transforming reclaimed materials into new, useful products through a passion for creating.

Philosophy of creation

Twig & Timber is founded out of the love of interesting objects, the pursuit to find them, and the creative desire to turn them into something beautiful and useful.

Web Application
Streamlining collaborative operations

Working with many local suppliers, fabricators, contractors, artists, and retail outlets, Twig & Timber needed a supply chain and sales management system to oversee everything from sourcing to retail operations. Twig & Timber is founded on the principle of local collaboration, and Applied Imagination wanted to weave this philosophy into their digital solutions.

Fusing functionality with an intuitive interface

To streamline Twig & Timber's internal operations, we built an integrated web application and point-of-sale website with access to all business functions in one place. It manages their collaborative supply chain operations, invoicing, quality control, returns, reports, and web and retail sales. With all operations consolidated and managed efficiently, this system allows Twig & Timber to focus on their passion - creating beautiful products.

Centering on the collaborative philosophy, the management application includes user portals for partners to provide real-time updates and communicate with each other and the Twig & Timber staff. All of the partners wanted to understand the story behind each piece and work together to incorporate this story into the restoring process. To facilitate this, we created project profiles highlighting sourcing details with background or historical information. Partners can interact to share ideas, photos, or progress for each the piece, truly creating a collaborative process from start to finish.

Responsive Web
Showcasing craftsmanship through e-commerce

Twig & Timber's website is focused on product imagery and the craftsman appeal. Our design team photographed each product and showroom to be consistent with the brand identity and web design. Based on a modular grid system, the content is presented consistently on every device, ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience anywhere.

I have been a client of Applied Imagination for several years and I am extremely pleased with the work they do and the way they do it.They are most knowledgeable and professional and have successfully dealt with some pretty challenging problems that have arisen.
Murray H
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