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Driving online sales with a custom Magento e-Commerce website

Herbal Nutrition Health

Herbal Nutrition is a healthy lifestyle company, providing its customers with the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market and education on those products. We worked with the same team on other business streams and were happy to collaborate again. Herbal Nutrition needed to give their existing website a facelift – both visually and technically – through a fresh new e-Commerce design and a customized Magento integration.

Total Creative Freedom

Herbal Nutrition gave our team complete creative freedom to design something amazing. Our goal was to createa functional, logical, and beautiful design that worked seamlessly with a new customized Magento productmanagement system. Our team developed a clean and effective approach to counter the difficulties often facedwhen consumers buy similar products online.

Custom Photo Manipulation

To achieve the desired look and feel, our team created striking hero images throughout the website. Theseimages help emphasize the use of natural elements – an organic touch – in Herbal Nutrition’s products. Itwas important to communicate reliability and professionalism for the company’s brand identity. Productimagery was provided by the client and manipulated with stock and custom photography to create stunningproduct shots and supporting graphics throughout the website.

All About the Details

From individual item cards to tab-based product pages, the details of the Herbal Nutrition website are whatmake this website special. An enormous amount of work went into creating a beautiful design thatcomplemented the custom Magento structure developed to manage their growing product line.

Dynamic Menu

The design of the menu for this website is truly unique. It changes asyou navigate from the page header to the main content. Changing from translucent black to ashaded green allows the header to accent the large, bold imagery chosen for the productcategories while, also, remaining a dominant design element when scrolling down to the pagecontents.

Item Cards

Eye-catching item cards were designed to grab attention with theirunconventional shapes and style. The photography was designed to be bold and to-the-point.

Solid Layout

The layout of the new website follows a grid that keeps differentelements of the page in line and consistent. It also helps develop a modular style, contributingto the design’s bold, clean style.

Data Control

Customer education is a key component for the Herbal Nutrition team. Ourdesigners were tasked to find a modern and clean way to display a large amount of data in ascalable manner.

User Feedback

The website and custom Magento system allows customers to submit reviewsand feedback. The management team can manage reviews submitted directly on their website or fromother sources.

Custom Code

We integrated a Magento eCommerce product management system with the newcustom design. Magento allows Herbal Nutrition to manage and scale their business for years tocome.

I have been a client of Applied Imagination for several years and I am extremely pleased with the work they do and the way they do it.They are most knowledgeable and professional and have successfully dealt with some pretty challenging problems that have arisen.
Murray H
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