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Reinventing the way trade information is distributed

TradeSecure is a global trade consultancy supporting Fortune Global 500 companies with international import and export compliance, training, and remediation services. For over 3 years, Applied Imagination has closely partnered with TradeSecure to provide advanced applications and solutions to expand their business and increase client engagement.

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The Challenge

With such a large-scale system such as Accelerator, the challenge was to clearly translate stakeholders' needs and large amounts of data into a focused solution. Through user research and many design iterations, we were able to create a regulation management system and dynamic database focused on clean and simple interfaces. Our goal was for all types of users to be able to access necessary information quickly, easily, and securely.

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Building a leading global resource

Managing huge amounts of global trade, export control, and sanction requirements, TradeSecure needed a secure, centralized database that could be accessed globally from multiple platforms with customizable permissions for each client. Accelerator is a powerful dynamic database that streamlines the access of trade information through an intuitive user interface. Data is highly searchable and easily accessible for compliance professionals in the field.

Web Application BreakdownWorld class trade database

Due to the ever-evolving nature of global trade, the sheer amounts of data TradeSecure needed to maintain was daunting. We created a database that could store and organize this information in a highly searchable format for compliance professionals and TradeSecure's own staff to access necessary information quickly. The database is able to adapt to consistent updates and changes.

A custom-built regulation management system enables Trade Secure to set specific permissions, track changes to the database, manage access on a client and individual user basis. A secure portal provides IP-based protection for all users. Because TradeSecure's clients are worldwide, the whole system is designed securely and with stability in mind for access anytime day or night. With our continued support, Accelerator is a leading trade resource and a valuable asset for companies navigating global commerce.

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Extending the global brand

With TradeSecure's rapid growth, we designed a custom website that better reflects the global nature of its business and clients. It is integrated with Accelerator to provide clients and TradeSecure's team with secure access to its global trade information database. We designed the site to stay true to the company's professional, knowledgeable, and cutting-edge brand image.

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