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Mitsubishi Electric is a global provider of electrical and electronic products. Applied Imagination partnered with Mitsubishi Electric on two major projects to model a new enterprise-learning platform and transform their lead distribution practices. Through our consulting services, we enabled Mitsubishi Electric to obtain more accurate and comparable software proposals and maximize national advertising ROI.

Software Consulting
Modeling a new enterprise learning platform

The Applied Imagination team first partnered with Mitsubishi Electric to define their new enterprise learningmanagement system. Outgrowing commercial software, Mitsubishi Electric needed to purchase or custom-build amore powerful national platform. Applied Imagination worked with Mitsubishi Electric step-by-step to turnthis complex idea into a concrete system model with tangible deliverables, forming the foundation of theproject.

Translating complex to simple

Our first challenge was to understand how Mitsubishi Electric was outgrowing its existing system and howusers would interact with the new system. We sat down with all stakeholders - managers, employees, courseinstructors, distributors, contractors, and students – to study their hardships, needs, andwants.

Through analysis of our extensive user research and system study, we delivered a requirementsdocument, new system model, and technical request for proposal (RFP). These laid the groundwork of theproject by outlining the functions of the new platform and defining its processes and how it should work.Finishing with a technical RFP that clearly defined the needs of the project, Mitsubishi Electric receivedmore accurate and more easily comparable proposals to launch the project in the right direction.

CRM Consulting
Maximizing advertising ROI

Applied Imagination worked with Mitsubishi Electric again to reformulate their distribution of national salesleads. Through an intensive study of lead collection and the creation of a distributor accountabilitysystem, we designed a system model that increased Mitsubishi Electric's national advertising ROI (return oninvestment), transformed the sales tracking process, and improved customer service significantly.

System designmodeling

The sales leads generated by Mitsubishi Electric's national advertising campaigns were originally filteredthrough a database of distributors based solely on location. Due to the variances in the effectiveness ofdistributors, many of these leads were not translating into concrete sales.

We studied the existingsystem – the types of leads received, how they were handled, and the outcomes. Through this research andinterview with stakeholders, the Applied Imagination team determined Mitsubishi Electric could maximizetheir ROI in two ways: first, by increasing oversight in the collection and tracking of sales leads, andsecond, by filtering leads to distributors based on performance.

To implement this plan, we designeda dynamic distributor accountability and lead tracking system model. Sales leads are filtered through thissystem and allotted to the most effective channels, maximizing positive outcomes.

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