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Cambridge Professional Group

Headquartered in Atlanta, Cambridge Professional Group is one of the leading executive and professional search and staffing services. Over the past 3 years, we have partnered together on 7+ projects to increase their web and mobile capabilities and strengthen internal communications.

Web Application & Website
Bullhorn staffing softwareapplication

Our first project added functionality to the Cambridge Professional Group (CPG) website through a custom webapplication. By integrating their existing Bullhorn staffing software, we were able to push real-timeemployment opportunity information. Applicants can submit resumes online, which are stored into a databaseand directed to the proper recruiters. Integration increased the number of applicants and improved clientturnaround time.

Website redesign

Our team worked with CPG to overhaul their website. We focused on improving information organization,creating a more professional design, and seamlessly integrating Bullhorn software. The clean and moreuser-intuitive design makes it easier for applicants to search for opportunities while elevating CPG's brandimage.

Mobile Application
Mobile payroll access

Working with many clients and contractors, CPG wanted to complete payroll tasks on the go. To accomplishthis, we created a cloud-based mobile payroll application. It allows contractors to enter hours, viewpayroll information, and view past payments. Clients can approve time sheets and pay invoices. The system ismade to be intuitive with security as its top priority.

Mobile website

Corresponding with the website redesign, we also created a mobile version of theirdesktop site. It is, also, integrated with Bullhorn staffing software to provide job search and resumesubmittal capabilities.

Intranet Application
Corporate intranet

A custom Bullhorn-integrated intranet designed for team functions allows all users to distribute and receiveforms, files, announcements, calendars, and news. All of this is linked to the Bullhorn software system,with customizable interfaces and staffing information by user type. Each user can view the information theyneed, increasing the team's productivity and improving workflow.

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