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The Dice Tower of Power is a new product targeted at the board game enthusiast.

Dice Tower of Power

The Dice Tower of Power is a new product targeted at the board game enthusiast. Applied Imagination partnered with Dice Tower to develop the product from concept to launch. Our team was hands-on in every step of the process including the product design, branding, web and content development, and product launch.

Designing the Product

Having a few board game enthusiasts of our own, the Applied Imagination team got the unique opportunity to help design the Dice Tower of Power. Our team worked with Dice Tower to develop a cardboard prototype that was then turned into a CAD drawing. After numerous product iterations, the final drawing was exported in a vector format so that Dice Tower could be manufactured using a laser cutter.

From Product Idea to Brand

After the design of the product, it was time to create a brand. The Applied Imagination team worked closely with Dice Tower to develop a new brand identity for the product. The product was also designed to be a brandable product for white space advertising opportunities.

Bringing the Tower to Market

With the new Dice Tower of Power created, it was time to share it with the world. Our team worked closely to develop marketing materials that would introduce the Tower to potential target audiences. A video was shot to demonstrate the Tower of Power and website created for additional information. It truly was a fully integrated effort.

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