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Marketplace to Provide Funds to Government Contractors


Munex provides a marketplace for gap funding of government debt.  They help government contractors with the occasionally, long delay before government invoices are paid.


The management of these invoices, their handling, and funneling is a very complex operation. They needed auser experience and interface, which made this complexity simple for their users to understand.

Our first step was for us to understand how their process and system worked. We worked with them to createprototypes and layouts to determine the best user flow and usage. Once completed, our UI/UX team designedlayouts and implemented them.

The dashboard is an essential part of the application, which needs to convey important information in a simple touse, yet informative interface. We used whitespace, colors, and creative UI elements to make it clean, yeteffective.


Instead of creating native applications for each device, we opted for a responsive layout. This allowed us tocreate one application with an adaptable interface that worked, not only for desktops and laptops, but alsotablets and mobile devices.

Applied Imagination did an outstanding job when our company needed help. They guided us through every step in the process, and advised us on solutions to help better prepare for the future of our company. Not only did they build a fantastic product, Applied Imagination walked us through how to manage and maintain it to help us stay in control of what matters most.
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