Got a Problem? We can Solve it

We have had the pleasure to work on and solve all sorts of business problems. It's amazing what kinds of problems can be addressed in the real world with web/mobile/software technologies. It's possible that a solution already exists whether in part or in whole, and it’s just a matter of proper research, preparation, planning, and customization.

Here are Some Examples:

  • Tracking and Accountability systems such as RFID, Bar-coding
  • Forms and Process Management and Control
  • Task, Job Tracking/Record Keeping
  • Obsolete or Improperly Functioning Software, Web-apps, Websites
  • Poor UI/UX Design or Graphic Design (Software that is hard to use)
  • Operational Software/Web-applications
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Extension of existing applications onto mobile devices
  • Transition of applications to the cloud or onto the web

How Do We Do It?

Step #1 - We understand your business' goals and objectives

It is impossible to determine a plan until we fully understand what you want to accomplish. We need to know your business' goals and objectives and will work with you to define/focus them if you haven't already.

Step #2 - We analyze what you have now (software, processes, etc.)

Before we can determine a plan we need to know what you've tried in the past, what materials/systems have been developed so far to see if they can be reused or salvaged (or re-purposed), and what is in progress.

Step #3 - We work with you to put together an overall plan

Combining what we learned about your business goals and the current status of your company with our experience in web/mobile technologies and design, we'll work with you to assemble a plan that gets you where you want to go within the real world restrictions of your business.

Step #4 - We granularize the plan into executable projects

To execute, we phase the overall plan into projects that can be accomplished in a defined time frame and budget.

Step #5 - Review plan periodically

While we execute the plan, we periodically (quarterly or bi-annually) review the plan and adjust based on new information, changing business objectives, or change in business environment.

Platforms we've worked with

When you've been in business as long as we have, customers bring you all sorts of platforms to work with. We haven't worked with them all, but we've worked with a great number of them. Here are a few of the more common ones;

Woo Commerce

Technologies we use

Where a website is hosted, how its secured, how its maintained, and the third-party services you use to keep it humming are just as important. We've been around the block, so we've had the pleasure to work with all sorts of technologies and we know what works best, and have already done it before.

For Hosting:

More expensive, but faster, more dependable and extensible hosting.

For Security:

We protect our websites using 2048 bit SSL certificates.

For Credit Card Processing:

We always recommend for CC transactions. Supports more, and always works.

For Development

We only use industry standard programming languages and databases so that our code is as flexible and adaptable as possible.


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