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Light and heavy-duty pick-up trucks to commercial operations and consumers nationwide

Flex Fleet

Flex Fleet Rental offers light and heavy-duty pick-up trucks to commercial operations and consumers nationwide. Flex Fleet's clients have rapidly evolving needs that require constant changes to their vehicle fleet.  Clients had to call whenever new vehicles were needed, when projects ended, and when vehicles had to be picked up.  Clients also did not have any easy way to view their entire fleet or financial responsibilities.

We worked with Flex Fleet to create a web portal that would allow their clients to take control of their fleet and see real-time fleet data, such as location, mileage, speed, oil life, and other telematics data.

Backup Camera
Auto Transmission

Rent, Return, & Track

Applied Imagination created an easy way for clients to request new vehicles and return unneeded ones. Once submitted, we integrated with Salesforce and their ERP to notify account managers and sales associates of the requested changes, as well as start automated processes to fulfil the orders. As the status of vehicles change, clients can track the progress to see when their vehicles will be delivered or picked up. A confirmation of every request is stored for easy lookup. This saves time for Flex Fleet and increases accuracy by reducing human errors.


Entire Fleet Understanding

The portal includes a real-time view of the client's entire fleet, including location, status, and other important metrics. Applied Imagination partnered with Flex Fleet's telematics provider to supply the vehicle data. This gives managers a bird's eye view of where their fleet is being deployed and enables them to make better decisions to improve project and driver performance.

Financial Information & Accounting

Clients can easily see all open and closed invoices, credit memos, and other financial documents. This saves time for Flex Fleet by putting all the financial information in the hands of the client, so they don't need to call to get information. Clients can also see real-time account aging to understand how much is current and overdue.


Mobile Optimized

Flex Fleet's clients are constantly on the move. It was important to optimize the mobile experience, so it is just as effective and easy to use as the desktop version. Now, clients can manage their entire fleet no matter where they are, saving everyone time and money, increasing accuracy, and providing better and faster information.

I really have enjoyed working with AI because they truly feel like a second family to me.  Projects we take on run smoothly and efficiently, from large to small, and are always treated with respect and carefully crafted to the client’s every need.
Ryan Bruzan
Junior Web Developer

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