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A touchscreen game system made to play board games together


Board gaming is an old business that hasn't changed much over the last hundred years. Holodragon was made to change all that. The idea was to use a large touchscreen to replace the board and each player'smobile phone to replace player cards and for use as a control device.

Combining it all together would be a large cloud-based web-application. We were tasked with prototyping the web-application and developing a few demo games.

We designed a custom website with custom branding and graphics. The website was meant to deliver the idea of fun, energy, and playfulness.


System Architecture & Custom SDK

As a new technology, all the programming software development tools were uniquely created. We had to create mobile apps, set up database and API servers, create webapps formanagement and create the on-device system software. There are several layers to the system architecture. There a website, game system interface, game store/marketplace, games, API, and hardware.We also created a custom SDK Programming API for users to be able to create their own games for deployment on the HoloDragon platform.


Holodragon User Portal and Game Store

We build a user portal so that users could login, view their billing history, access their game portal and games. We also built a developer portal sogame developers could view documentation, test their games in a test environment, and view their earnings and payout history. To deliver games to users we built a custom built game storeso users could purchase games and receive them immediately. We also built a management portal for customer service representatives to manage it.


Custom Mobile Apps for Game Controllers

Sometimes players need to track their own pieces or cards privately. For this, we built mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows to work in conjunction with the Holodragon web application.Players' moves on their smartphone controllers are then reflected on the group tablet.


We prototyped and built over 20 games

To fully demonstrate the capabilities of the new device, Applied Imagination designed and built 20 game applications based on popular board games. Each gamewas optimized for a unique user experience integrating the new touchscreen and digital capabilities such as video streaming, cloud storage. The design of each interface retains thenostalgic feel of traditional board games.


Concept to Game Console Prototype

Our team researched, conceptualized, and designed hardware that could accomplish multiplayer tablet gaming. Key points of the new system included a touchscreen panellarge enough for many players, internet-functionality, a 360 degree viewing angle, and capability to be used in different environments.Engineering everything from teh chip to the casing, we built a fully-functional hardware prototype. Every piece is designed for an intuitive and clean user experience.

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