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Online Customized Trailers Ordering Platform


Trailers2Go4Less provides users with the ability to order a trailer online and have it built their specific order, and allowing the customer to pick up their trailer in person a number of locations around the country. Customers can also schedule a trailer to be delivered using 3rd party trucking/freight companies partnered with Trailers2Go4Less.

They are considered a leader in the trailer industry for online sales to buyers across the U.S. and Canada. Their ecommerce website is used to provide an easy way for their customers to order a trailer customized to fit their needs.

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Trailer Presentation

To improve conversions the home page was transformed to showcase the various types of trailers sold onthe site along with a set of featured trailers available for purchase.

Brand Presentation

The trailers are organized by brand and size to simplify the customer’s choices.

Trailers2Go computer screen
Trailer selection and customization

Customers can easily buy a base trailer or customize it by choosing the panel colors and addingadditional parts as needed.

Trailer selection and customization

Customers can easily buy a base trailer or customize it by choosing the panel colors and addingadditional parts as needed.

Additional Customization Options

The challenge here was to convey a large number of features and choices to the customer withoutoverwhelming them with imager and content. The images and content are thus reduced and only visible ifthe customer clicks on the corresponding icon.

To customize a trailer, popular items are suggested, but the customer is also able tosearch through the entire list of available options, grouped by feature without leaving the current page.


All selections and changes are immediately applied and combined in the shopping cart to give the customera fast and clean checkout experience.

Wordpress WooCommerce Management

The ecommerce application is built using WooCommerce on top of Wordpress. The variety of customizationoptions provided by the platform and plugins allowed us to create the customized interfaces enhancingthe default features and behaviors of the e-commerce functionality provided by WooCommerce.

The products are easily organized by categories and using tags we can place them in specific locationsacross the site with a simple toggle.

The use of WordPress and WooCommerce also provides cost reductions for the development of the ecommerce application by using the prebuilt reporting tools, and product management and payment processing features built into the platform.

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