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The framing industry is huge.  Every year people spend billions of dollars buying frames to decorate their living areas and offices.  Printing and framing costs add up fast.  Chimpee had an idea where they created frames where the printed canvas could be pulled off and easily replaced.  We were tasked with creating a custom e-commerce web-application that would permit people to place orders for this new product.

Design & Messaging are key

Our goal was to drive the product with user friendly design and excellent simple, easily understood messaging. We did custom graphics and photography to drive home the message.

Simple Ordering & Canvas Customization

Pick a Size... Pick a Package... Upload & Customize your image...

Responsive website design utilizing emerging modern trends

As a construction and architecture-related company, the new web design uses full-screen imagery to capture the quality of their work and vast experience. A split-screen design is adapted for a variety of needs throughout the site. Designed to be fully responsive — the new standard for modern web design, the website and images display consistently on any screen size or device. It's simple and usable.

Works great on mobile too

We custom designed interfaces specifically for mobile devices to keep it easy for customers to use.

Working at Applied Imagination is an enjoyable and challenging experience. Every project is different and presents its own hurdles, thus keeping the workflow fresh and interesting. Much like the work, the employees have thier own distinct skillsets and experiences. Above all they are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. AI's great attribute is teamwork and pulling everyone's strengths together.
Jerry Head
Junior Web Developer