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Online training for 5G Broadband network providers

Casa Systems

Casa systems, an essential network services provider for broadband carriers, needed a new online training solution to replace their long standing LMS. Their existing LMS was escalating in price and holding them back due to lack of innovation and features relevant to their needs. They approached Applied Imagination to help them design and build a replacement web-application to provide online training.

With a custom built solution they could control their costs and get features and functionality tailored to their specific needs.

Custom Built LMS

With a custom built LMS the LMS could be limited to exactly what was used limiting bloat and simplifying usage and management. This is the dashboard that users use to access their courses, quizzes, and certificates. The LMS we built enforces process rules so everything is done in the correct order and no steps are skipped.

Course Overview Screen

From this screen users can access the overview/summary, course materials, quizzes, and course completion certificates.
Everything is laid out to be as intuitive as possible.

Quizzes Are Simple and User Friendly

We custom programmed a simple quiz format which shows time remaining and progress.

Feedback is Collected Without 3rd Party Apps

In order to complete a course users must complete a feedback form. We developed a custom one for real time results
and to simplify maintenance.

Manage and Set up Courses

We built administrators a management portal where they can set up customers, courses, and manage content.
Each course has several levels of content so we built a CMS just for their type of courses.

User Invitation and Automated Emails

Several thousand users will be using the platform at once so we had to build a method to send out invitations en masse using Mailgun and Mandrill (an email service). We also built email template editors so they could be automated saving a lot of admin labor.

Manage Assignments

Once users are added to the system, administrators needed a way to manage which courses were assigned to which users so we built them a simple tool to accomplish that.

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