Choosing the Right Developer

July 16th, 2015

Once you know how to determine what kind of project you have on your hands, it’s time to choose a developer. A brochure website can easily be handled by a single developer with basic knowledge, especially with the help of platforms like WordPress. A freelance developer may even be able to meet your needs when it comes to websites and web applications. Depending on your project and plans, it may be wise to consider a full-time developer or development team.

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If you have long-term growth plans or if you are developing your business in stages, a web system needs to be planned, structured, and developed accordingly.  This is where clients benefit from a full-time web developer or a web development firm.  They have the expertise and resources to architect your system properly and provide more reliable and consistent support throughout your growth.

Although the initial investment may be higher, building your system correctly from the beginning will minimize the number and scale of changes later on.  A well-planned system will expand with your business and meet your changing needs and requirements.

What if your project is more complex?  For technical projects, a consultant is often necessary because:

  • Technical project deliverables should last you years, and that means planning for the future on an even larger scale.  Technical consultants are knowledgeable in system growth, planning, and development.
  • They will ensure that there is proper documentation to avoid potential adverse effects of future changes to the system.
  • A consultant has the project management skills and technical savvy to keep a client’s expectations and a developer’s abilities in sync.

Determining the size of your project and what your needs are, whether that be a website, web application, or consulting, are all important steps to building a system that will last.  Once you understand the scope of your project, finding the right type of developer will launch your project in the right direction.

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