My Time With Applied Imagination

July 8th, 2015

When I graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in journalism, I had plans to go the traditional route and write for a newspaper or magazine. I have always loved working in creative environments, but editing and news writing leave very little room for originality. So, I stopped looking for jobs strictly related to journalistic writing and instead searched for ways in which I could use both my writing skills and creative thinking. That’s when I found Applied Imagination.

Applied Imagination's New Team Assistant

The first thing that interested me was their name. There was no way I could work for a company called Applied Imagination and not put my creativity to work. I applied for a position and just a few weeks later, here I am writing blog posts, managing social media, conducting research, and learning what really goes into building beautiful, yet functional websites. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in projects that many others never get the chance to see come to life. I have learned so much about the web in just the short time that I have been with Applied Imagination and everyone here takes the time to share their knowledge with me, regardless of whether I am involved with an assignment or not.

The team here at Applied Imagination is all that I ever hoped for: a group of fun, knowledgeable, and innovative people. I look forward to an exciting future with Applied Imagination and maybe one day I will be the driving force behind the next big project.

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