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Managing a distributed foosball league association

Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games is a company who offer sports leagues, tournaments, and events to players across the nation. We helped them build a management system for their first product called the Foosball Premier Leagues (FPL), also known as Foosleagues and available at This allows them to manage and hold hundreds of simultaneous Foosball leagues across the nation. They can manage the leagues, the teams, the players, the locations, all the scoring, and reports on statistics and results.

Seamless Player Interaction

Players and League Managers can use the frontend portal to host a league, sign up for leagues, and register players.

League, Team, and Player Reporting

Players can use the frontend tool to report scores, to see the league team standings, and see player stats. All stats are automatically calculated and updated on the fly as things change.


Players keep track of their progress and compare against teammates and rivals.

Foosball Premier Leagues is designed by foosball players who value the fun and competitive aspects of the game

Simple Admin Management

We created a custom CMS for Foosleagues which allows system administrators to manage the association and the leagues, teams, and players.

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