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Why Optimize Conversions?

Every website has an objective– to get signups, get leads via form submissions, sell products or services via e-commerce, get phone calls to your sales staff. The goal of optimizing conversions is to increase the number of visitors who “convert” and execute an objective such as making a purchase or filling out a form. This is especially important since we spend a great deal of money on paid advertising and other forms of marketing to drive traffic.

Even a small increase in the conversion rate can mean large increases in sales, phone calls, or leads. We can help you optimize conversions for your website or digital asset.

We optimize:

  • Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Emails
  • Web-Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Online Forms

We improve Conversions by addressing:

  • Bugs & Functionality Issues
  • Poor Messaging
  • Poor Graphics or User Interface
  • Slow Page loads
  • Insufficient Traffic
  • Navigation Issues
  • Mobile/Responsive Issues
  • Poor SEO
  • Issues with Browser Compatibility
  • Poor UI/UX

How we do it

Define the success criteria

Our first step will be to ensure we understand the marketing and business objectives of a website as well as the objective – be it to generate a form submission, phone call, purchase, sign up, etc.

Set up data gathering and metrics

At Applied Imagination we’re a big believer in data and evidence driven decisions. Our first step will be to install data gathering tools such as analytics, SEO, and user behavior tracking to gather data. We will also set up applicable data collection to store form submissions, track phone calls, track sign ups and locate or set up sales reports so we can track success criteria. From these we’ll set up key metrics and KPIs to define success.

Analyze the website and define an attack plan

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the conversion rate and usually it’s a combination of issues and to address them takes varying levels of effort. We will analyze your site and help you prioritize the options to maximize the bang for the buck. Usually we start with low hanging fruit which have high impact on your conversion rate. Oftentimes our attack plans are executed in phases since no one wants to wait to reap the benefits of improvements until they are all done.

Execute the plan; Monitor metrics and KPIs

The key to successfully improving conversions is to make incremental changes and monitor the metrics to ensure continuous positive improvement. We provide periodic reports of key metrics and KPIs.

Review and revise Plan periodically

Periodically we need to review our plan, review the improvements, and revise it as needed. This allows the plan to be flexible to adapt to the possibility of evolving business or marketing objectives.

Tools We Use

Amazon Web Services
Google Analytics
Jumbo Logic

View our work

How we have helped other businesses

Mosquito Curtains

A nationwide seller of mesh and vinyl enclosures for patios and porches they spend a large amount of money on Adwords, Bing, and other paid advertising. They had 3 major websites for each of their major product offerings and 14 landing pages for specific applications of their products. Their websites and landing pages weren't converting well (75-80% bounce rates).

We redesigned their websites, improved SEO, fixed bugs, improved navigation and mobile, greatly improved the messaging to engage clients faster, and improved data collection & analysis. We executed all of this while the site was in operation without skipping a beat.

Active Users on Site
Bounce Rate
# Opportunities

Shopping Boss

A company that helps non-profit organizations raise money through sales of online gift cards for real world purchases, Shopping Boss relied on an online registration process and an app to sell gift cards for purchases.

They had an issue where the number of abandoned registrations were very high and their business depended on these registrants to power their gift card sales. Their mobile app was also very difficult to use and this depressed their gift card sales.

We rethought their registration process and greatly simplified it. We redid the UI/UX, design, fixed bugs and issues, and improved the on screen directions and messaging. We also improved their mobile/responsiveness so that they would be easier to use on a mobile phone. For the app we redid it from the ground up and made it much easier to use.

Registration Abandonment
Completed Registrations

Sewing Machine Warehouse

A local business with two stores in Texas selling commercial and consumer Sewing Machines, parts, service, providing classes and online sales; Sewing Machine Warehouse had a big problem. All of a sudden their online sales went to zero and their phone call volume decreased by 50%. These were the lifeblood of their business so they brought AI in to help.

We analyzed their website and found several bugs, security issues, and usability problems. We came up with an incremental plan to fix these issues and immediately they started getting online orders again and their call volume improved.

Phone Calls

What Makes Us Unique?

We stand by our work

We offer a guarantee on all the work we do against any bugs or issues for 30 days. The majority of issues you encounter will be found in the first 30 days after the launch of a website or web/mobile app.

We're not just web developers

Sure we build websites but we can do heavy lifting like building web-applications, mobile applications, and software that runs companies. We also do Digital Marketing Consulting; helping companies optimize their websites for conversions or sales and plan and execute digital campaigns.

We only employ the best

We spend a great deal of time and resources hiring our consultants and staff. We like to hire smart, creative people who have technical know how. We're serious about doing great work and like to work with like minded people.

We've been in business for 15+ years

We're not going to up and disappear on you like other companies in our industry. We've worked with some clients for 11+ years and have grown alongside them.

We're more experienced technically and marketing wise than other companies

Most companies in our industry farm out the technical work of programming, UI/UX, and graphics but we handle it all internally. Unlike most web companies we have expertise in Digital and Traditional marketing which helps us make better products.

We don't outsource our work

Unlike other companies in our industry we don't outsource our work to subcontractors. We also don't offshore our work to cheaper, lower quality developers, designers, etc. Our focus is on quality.

Our Consultants Will Guide You

We firmly believe that projects should be guided from start to finish by experienced consultants with development, graphics, and management experience who can understand both the business processes and the technical aspects to address our clients' needs.

They will also be your primary contact with our team and will help coordinate the project.

All of our consultants have a minimum of 5 years of experience and go through extensive training.