We know websites backwards and forwards

Whether you need a website for your startup or an established and growing business, we can help. We have experience building websites for almost every industry and on almost every platform.

One of our technology consultants can help you identify the best platform for your needs. This can be a standardized CMS (Content Management System) platform, like WordPress, or we can custom build a CMS for you. If you have an existing website we can help or advise you on how to improve it, fix it, optimize it, or to completely overhaul it.

Content Management Systems (CMSs) We Suggest

We believe in the benefits of Content Management Systems - platforms that allow you to edit most content, images, etc. on your website without the assistance of a web developer. This saves you time and money in the long run.

We aren't locked to any one platform. We believe that different platforms have their benefits and their drawbacks. When considering which platform should be used, the relative strengths should be considered. We work with a variety of website CMS platforms. For new projects, we typically recommend these platforms.

We recommend WordPress for projects that are mostly content or brochure style websites, without a lot of advanced or custom functionality. When properly set up, it gives you the ability to keep your website's content up to date using a fairly simple and easy-to-use administrative area.
Custom Build
We custom build a CMS for websites that don't fit the content or brochure style website, that want advanced and complex functionality such as integrations with 3rd party systems (ERP, CRM, Databases, other custom software, etc.), or ones with technical needs like advanced SEO (non-standard content management). Our custom built CMS uses our standard, bare-bones website platform, the Core, and is beta to only include the functionality you need. This enables you to modify your website just like WordPress, but in a simpler, more streamlined manner.

Platforms we've worked with

When you've been in business as long as we have, customers bring you all sorts of platforms to work with. We haven't worked with them all, but we've worked with a great number of them. Here are a few of the more common ones;

Woo Commerce

Technologies we use

Where a website is hosted, how its secured, how its maintained, and the third-party services you use to keep it humming are just as important. We've been around the block, so we've had the pleasure to work with all sorts of technologies and we know what works best, and have already done it before.

For Hosting:

More expensive, but faster, more dependable and extensible hosting.

For Security:

We protect our websites using 2048 bit SSL certificates.

For Credit Card Processing:

We always recommend Authorize.net for CC transactions.

For Development

We only use industry standard programming languages and databases so that our code is as flexible and adaptable as possible.


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