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Ongoing & Proactive Services

The key to an effective website is to make sure that it stays up, works correctly, and is properly marketed. Without these things your website simply doesn't have a high chance of success. This is akin to your car. In order for it to run properly it needs to be maintained and fueled. We offer ongoing and proactive services for this reason. See below for the services that we offer.

Periodic Backups

It's important for websites and web-applications that change often to have an effective periodic backup solution. We can set up a backup solution for your website that backs it up automatically once a month, once a week, and even once a day. Backups are stored on a different host than your website. In addition, we believe in order for backups to be effective, someone needs to check the backup and ensure its complete and proper periodically.

Website Testing

For websites that are meant to gather leads, e-commerce websites that allow purchases, and other business critical websites and web-applications, we suggest setting up a website testing process. This process can be either automated or manual. If automated, we will set up a script that will test your website periodically (up to once every 15 minutes) to ensure that the website continues to work and function properly. If manual, we will come up with a testing process, and one of our staff will test it periodically (usually once a day or once a week). This ensures that your website continues to function and doesn't suffer downtime that will hurt your business.

Browser/Device Testing

Websites have to be maintained in order to function correctly and to look correct. As new devices, technologies, browsers, and operating systems are released, they will affect websites and web-application in sometimes unpredictable ways. We suggest doing browser/device testing periodically at least once every 6 months to ensure your site is up to date.

Security Patches

Websites are vulnerable to attack by hackers and other malicious groups. It is imperative that security patches be applied periodically to your website, especially if you are using standard platforms that are particularly susceptible such as WordPress, Magento, etc.

Blog/Social Media

We all know the power of blogs and social media in terms of marketing, customer acquisition, and customer retention. However, most blogs and social media do not get updated. No one realizes how much work it is to update blogs and social media until they have to do it themselves. We have staff who can help you. We will help you write blog posts and manage your social media so you can focus on your business while reaping the benefits of a fully managed social medial presence.

What Makes Us Unique?

We stand by our work

We offer a guarantee on all the work we do against any bugs or issues for 30 days. The majority of issues you encounter will be found in the first 30 days after the launch of a website or web/mobile app.

We're not just a web developer

Sure we build websites but we can do heavy lifting like building web-applications, mobile applications, and software that runs companies. We also do Digital Marketing Consulting; helping companies optimize their websites for conversions or sales and plan and execute digital campaigns.

We only employ the best

We spend a great deal of time and resources hiring our consultants and staff. We like to hire smart, creative people who have technical know how. We're serious about doing great work and like to work with like minded people.

We've been in business for 14+ years

We're not going to up and disappear on you like other companies in our industry. We've worked with some clients for 11+ years and have grown alongside them.

We're deeper technically and marketing wise than other companies

Most companies in our industry farm out the technical work of programming, UI/UX, and graphics but we handle it all internally. Unlike most web companies we have expertise in Digital and Traditional marketing which helps us make better products.

We don't outsource our work

Unlike other companies in our industry we don't outsource our work to subcontractors. We also don't offshore our work to cheaper, lower quality developers, designers, etc. Our focus is on quality.

Our Consultants Will Guide You

We firmly believe that projects should be guided from start to finish by experienced consultants with development, graphics, and management experience who can understand both the business processes and the technical aspects to address our clients' needs.

They will also be your primary contact with our team and will help coordinate the project.

All of our consultants have a minimum of 5 years of experience and go through extensive training.