A Common Problem in the Life-cycle of a Business

In the early years of a company very few have the luxury of starting out with effective messaging and branding because a lot of what makes these effective isn't known at the inception, and must be learned while running a company. It is not uncommon for a company to go through several phases in its development, experimenting with different paths, messages, and look of their materials.

What typically happens is this

  • Multiple incoherent messages on different marketing pieces
  • Every marketing piece has a different look
  • Each push yields a different direction or path

This lack of focus leads to customer confusion, lack of recognition and association, and ineffective communication. Since this makes marketing ineffective and thus hampers your ability to sell and attract the customers you want there comes a time in the life cycle of every company where this WILL limit your growth.

How Applied Imagination can Help

We follow a proven process to make your improve your company's marketing. Our process is based upon the idea that prior steps should be used as justification and rationale for anything built upon it.

Step #1 - We understand your Company and Industry

Step #2 - We determine Primary and Secondary Messaging, who we should target, and how

Step #3 - We put together a Branding Guide (Logo, General Design, Photography, Usage)

Step #4 - Website Design

Step #5 - Synchronize Marketing Materials to match your Branding/Message

Step #6 - Implement Process to design and review all future materials

Our Branding Consultants

One of our Branding Consultants will work with you and your team to guide you through the process. Leverage our many years of experience to effectively communicate your business and your message to your target customers. Once established we will help you make sure that your messaging and branding will flow consistently to every marketing and communication piece that's created for your company.

Trust the Process

Our Branding Consultant will manage and coordinate your project with our internal team. We bring a team of developers, designers, business consultants, software consultants, and marketing consultants, leveraging their skills without overwhelming our customers. We put a lot of thought into our work.

KK Yihan KangEric Chan
Twig and Timber BrandingTwig and Timber Branding

Platforms we've worked with

When you've been in business as long as we have, customers bring you all sorts of platforms to work with. We haven't worked with them all, but we've worked with a great number of them. Here are a few of the more common ones;

Woo Commerce

Technologies we use

Where a website is hosted, how its secured, how its maintained, and the third-party services you use to keep it humming are just as important. We've been around the block, so we've had the pleasure to work with all sorts of technologies and we know what works best, and have already done it before.

For Hosting:

More expensive, but faster, more dependable and extensible hosting.

For Security:

We protect our websites using 2048 bit SSL certificates.

For Credit Card Processing:

We always recommend Authorize.net for CC transactions.

For Development

We only use industry standard programming languages and databases so that our code is as flexible and adaptable as possible.


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